NHS and Private Fees


We currently provide both NHS and Private treatments at our practice. Your NHS care is provided through a PDS contract by the local Primary Care Trust.

NHS price list:

(which may include routine exam, hygiene visit, x-rays etc)
(which may include fillings, root canal treatment, extraction)
(which may include dentures or crown)
Band 1
Band 2
Band 3

If you hold a valid exemption certificate, you may be entitled to free NHS dental treatment. Please ensure you have it with you each visit in order to avoid extra charges.


We can offer interest free credit for private treatments above 1000 subject to terms and conditions.

(Please contact the practice for more details)

Private price list:

New Patient Exam +2 X-rays 35
Routine Exam  25
Hygiene visitfrom25
Composite Fillingsfrom50
Crowns (metal free)from350
Crowns( bonded to metal)from300
Bridges(metal free)/unitfrom350
Bridges(bonded to metal)/unitfrom300
Full dentures (F/F) acrylicfrom500
Partial denture,( p/-)acrylicfrom250
Co/Cr (metal) denturefrom450
Valplast Cosmetic denturefrom450
Root canal - Incisor 120
Root canal - premolar 170
Root canal - molar 250
Sport guardfrom70
Tooth whitening 300
Dental ImplantsPrice on application